Wear your most cherished memories close to your heart. 

Have your favorite photos engraved on a silver or gold colored pendant or charm. 


Our silver finished jewelry is a high quality rhodium plated pendant.

Rhodium is a tarnish resistant metal with superior brightness which causes

less allergic reactions than nickle plated pendants.


Our gold finished jewelry is ion plated gold (IPG). 

Ion plating makes the plating more durable and wear resistant.


Various shapes are available for pendants, keychains or earrings. 

Each pendant comes with a ball chain necklace or a keychain. 


Personalization is available with name, date or short phrase.


Recommendations on selecting photo for best results

  • Select photos where the subjects are in close range. 
  • Long distance photos do not provide enough detail for quality results.
  • Select photos with good lighting. Avoid shadows or low lighting.
  • Higher resolution digital photos produce higher quality results. 
  • Save your photo in JPEG format and do not compress your photo.
  • If scanning your photo please scan at 300 dpi or higher.


Choose from several shapes.


PRICE: $25

Earrings available in these shapes - $45 includes stainless steel loops


   small round      small heart         small oval

      17mm             22mm x 21.5mm      16mm x 20mm


PRICE: $30


   square               round            rectangle          dog tag              oval                    heart

 27mm x 27mm       27mm             20mm x 30mm      22mm x 36mm     23mm x 30mm    27mm x 27mm



PRICE: $35


       large heart                   large dog tag

      37mm x 34mm                   29mm x 50mm


PRICE: $40

  large square

  40mm x 40 mm


PERSONALIZATION on any pendant: $5 on front, $10-$15 on back.




Necklace choices available



Ball and Sausage  $3                                 Spiral link chain  18", 20", 24" $15         



Straight link chain 24" & 30"  $15           Versace chain 38" $20





Black Satin cord 22"  $10


SAMPLES (items not to scale)

Pendants are difficult to photograph due to reflective nature of the pendants. 





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