Hogan Photo Blankets - Take any photo of your pet, family, children, friends, home, boat,or car and have it knitted into a warm and cozy blanket.  Machine washable in the gentle cycle.


We offer the photo blanket in 2 sizes (30" x 40") and (40" x 60"). Our most popular size is the 40" x 60" size. 

NEW ~Our Color Photo Blanket is 45" x 68".


Photo Blankets can be personalized with the name, dates, or any other desired words.  simple yet elegant black border knitted with the picture.  

A loving message to let the recipient know how much you care.  Please select from our standard borders listed below or customize your own border.


You can have up to 3 to 5 images on one photo blanket depending on the the size of the blanket.  The rule of thumb is maximum of 3 images for a 30x40.  If you include more than the recommended number of images the reproduction quality diminishes with each additional image and these orders will be made at the buyers risk.


Your image will be reproduced as it appears.  Whatever is in the background on the picture will appear on the final knitted product.  In some cases, we may crop the image for size, to fit the product you order.


However, we will not color correct, retouch or combine images.  Close-ups and images with bright colors will produce the best results


Please include an electronic copy of your photo in jpeg format with no compression. When scanning in photographs, please use a resolution of  600 dpi  PLEASE NOTE THAT IMAGES SHOULD BE GREATER THAN 80KB.     



30" x 40"  grayscale               $70

40" x 60"  grayscale                $90

45" x 68" Color                        $100

Custom border is minimum $5 up to 5 letters then $1 per additional letter.





           Gidget & Goober                                  Hogan                                   Murphy & Buster



 S129 Dog Bones               S123 World's Greatest Pet       S130 Dog Bone w/ name




S116 We Love Grandma & Grandpa               S122 Happy Anniversary




Over 50 standard borders available. 


S100 - I Love You  

S125 - Happy Holidays

S101 - I Love Mommy

S127 - Happy Valentine's Day

S102 - I Love Daddy  

S128 - hearts border

S103 - I Love Mommy & Daddy 

S129 - Dog Bone

S104 - I Love Grandma 

S130 - Dog Bones with your message

S105 - I Love Grandpa 

S131 - Daddy's Fishing Buddy

S106 - I Love Grandma & Grandpa 

S132 - Daddy's Hunting Buddy

S107 - I Love My Aunt    

S133 - Happy Mother's Day 

S108 - I Love My Uncle

S134 - Happy Father's Day

S109 - I Love My Aunt & Uncle 

S135 - Class of ....

S110 - We Love You 

S136 - oval

S111 - We Love Our Mommy 

S137 - I Love Mom and Dad

S112 - We Love Our Daddy 

S138 - We Love Mom and Dad

S113 - We Love Our Mommy & Daddy

S139 - Happy Birthday

S114 - We Love Our Grandma 

S140 - I Love Mom

S115 - We Love Our Grandpa

S141 - I Love Dad

S116 - We Love Our Grandma & Grandpa 

S142 - We Love Our Mom

S117 - We Love Our Aunt

S143 - I Love My Godfather

S118 - We Love Our Uncle 

S144 - I Love My Nana

S119 - We Love Our Aunt & Uncle 

S145 - I Love My Papa

S120 - Te' Amo 

S146 - We Love Nana

S121 - Our Family 

S147 - We Love Our Papa

S122 - Happy Anniversary 

S150 - thin border

S123 - World's Greatest Pet

S152- My Family

S124 - blank border

S153 - I Love My Godmother





Take $4 off any size in stock frame.  Contact us regarding available breeds.



4" x 6"                     $18

3 1/2" x 5"              $16

Shipping & Handling $6


These are just a few examples of the breeds available.  Please email us with your specific breed. 


         Doberman Pinscher 4" x 6" $18                  Jack Russell Terrier 3 1/2" x 5" $16


                        Rottweiller 4" x 6" $18                                           Yorkies 3 1/2" x 5" $16